Journal Collaborations

The FAIM Scientific Committee has formulated an agreement with three leading journals publishers for papers submitted to the FAIM2019 conference, a fast track publication route and a special issue publication route.

As research output comes in stages, it may be that some research is ready to avail of the fast track journal approach through FAIM2019, while others will benefit from the conference to gain new insights, make new contacts and network to expand on the research.

Special Issue Journal Approach

The International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

For the Special Issue Journal, best papers from the conference, as selected by conference scientific committee, will be compiled into a special issue for the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. 

These papers will have updated new titles, and a significantly expanded explanation of methodology, new/enhanced/updated results etc. and will be complied into a special issue for the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing.  

Here feedback from the FAIM review process, insights provided at the conference through observation and networking can be used to update and elaborate on the material presented at FAIM 2019. The International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing will work with FAIM2019 conference chairs and selected authors to develop papers presented at FAIM2019 into a special issue journal.

Fast-Track Journal Approach

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The Journal Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

A synopsis of the process is below:

  • Authors submit abstracts as normal using the Conftool

  • Authors will indicate if they want their paper considered for fast-track approach and indicate which journal they are

  • Papers will need to be prepared to journal quality and in the correct format

  • Selection/decision on fast track papers is performed by at least 3 peer reviews, by the conference chairs and finally approved by the EIC of IJAMT/

  • Once fast-tracked to IJAMT/RCIM, the papers will not be published in the FAIM proceedings (Elsevier’s Procedia Manufacturing), but the authors must present their papers at FAIM (orally or

  • Papers accepted for fast-tract review and publication and not presented at FAIM will be retracted from IJAMT/RCIM

  • There is no additional review for fast-tracked papers at IJAMT/RCIM, accepted fast-tracked manuscripts will be published in regular issues journals.

Procedia Manufacturing

Accepted Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts will be given the opportunity to be published in Procedia Manufacturing.

We are excited by these developments and look forward to receiving your abstract submission.